Toddler Pillow Beige

$ 12.99

Brand DorDor & GorGor

The DorDor & GorGor toddler pillow 13 x 18 inches is specifically designed to provide the right cushion and support for your child. Not only is this a supportive bed buddy but also a soft and cozy one. The perfect pillow for nightly use or travel. Your little one will love this plush pillow. Specifications: 100% Cotton outer shell. Filling: 100% pearl polyester. Machine washable, tumble dry. Our pillow will not shrink, and will retain its shape. Not only is it hypoallergenic but durable and recyclable. We refuse to use harmful toxins that are commonly injected into conventional cottons. We believe in providing parents with a safe, organic, zero chemical pillow. Note: Pillow will soften after each wash. Batting may feel lumpy or flat because of compression during transit. This is normal. Wash and dry on low to reset the fibers and fluff up the pillow.