Toddler Pillowcase White 20x14

$ 7.99

Brand DorDor & GorGor

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About the Product
  • 100% cotton; GOTS certified
  • Measures 20x14 inches; made to fit any toddler pillow
  • All natural, pesticide free, flame retardant free, dye free, bleach free and chemical free
  • Hidden envelope enclosure; pillow stays intact and can be changed with ease
  • No softener added; fabric becomes softer after each wash
  • 100% Organic cotton pillow case
  • Filling: 100% pearl polyester

Product Description:
100% Cotton. GOTS Certified. Pesticide-free, bleach-free & chemical-free. No chemicals used during dye. We are not the fanciest, but we will simply be the purest.

On the other hand, the pillowcase is envelope closure style. Stick the pillow in nice and easy *no pun intended here* and just flip-and-fold. Definitely will help the pillow stay in the pillowcase if your toddler is a crazier one (like how mine was). Machine wash warm. Tumble dry low.

Cool Fact -
If I ask, "What color is cotton?"
Most will say white.
But did you know, cottons naturally comes in olive and brown as well?
Pink, blue, purple and gray are extracts from comfrey, shikonin, alkannin, and indigo roots. (?)