DorDor & GorGor | 100% G.O.T.S. Certified Organic Cotton - Vegan Clothing, Organic Cotton Baby Clothing

About Us

  • DorDor & GorGor was founded in 2014 by designer name Melinda.
  • Our headquarter is in Walnut, CA.
  • Our sister company in China is our direct manufacturer.
  • With 200+ employees, they follow the same Fair Labor Standards Act and Equal Employment Opportunity Act.
  • All products follow the Global Organic Textile Standard.

    Our Specialty

    • 100% Organic Cotton. Pesticide-free, chemical-free, bleach-free, dye-free. BPA-free, lead-free, and latex-free.
    • Dyed with 100% plant extracts. However the downside is color will fade. *will not stain.
    • the fabric feels softer after each wash.

    Why choose Organic Cotton

    • Regular cottons are treated with heavy pesticides, dyes & bleach. By making direct contact with the baby's skin, chemicals cause un wanted imitations. Baby's skin is extra sensitive. Unlike adults, even the tiniest of chemicals can harmful reaction and irritates the skin. Even with organic cottons, chemicals that were used to dye these cottons may be even more contaminated with chemicals. This is the motivation behind our hard work.

    Who we are

    Women’s fashion designer Melinda Z. watched her daughter Dordor, and her son, Gorgor, experienced skin rashes and irritations since birth. After seemingly endless tests, Dordor & Gorgor’s pediatrician concluded that they were allergic to the fabrics of their clothes. Upon discovering their allergies, Melinda Z. Had to replace all of her baby clothes. She scoured for baby clothes that uses organic fabrics, but they were expensive and hard to find. As a result, Melinda Z. combined with her passion for design and love for her children to create a product line that uses 100% natural cotton in its purest form

    DorDor & GorGor | 100% G.O.T.S. Certified Organic Cotton - Vegan Clothing, Organic Cotton Baby Clothing

    What we do

    At Dordor & Gorgor, we specialize in producing the purest organic cotton available, providing a 100% chemical free, all-natural clothing & apparels for babies.

    How we do it

    Our organic cottons are cottons grown in the non-urban, uncontaminated areas such as U.S. country sides, Turkey and China’s country side. The cottons are organically grown and does not contain any genetic modification compared to conventional cottons. There are no chemicals in the fertilizer during the growth process and is not insecticide-treated. Not only is the organic cotton in its purest, most natural form, but is also biodiversity and improves environmental’s biological cycle.  

    DorDor & GorGor | 100% G.O.T.S. Certified Organic Cotton - Vegan Clothing, Organic Cotton Baby Clothing

    Our Colors

    Organic cotton naturally comes in 3 different colors – Beige – Brown – Olive Green. We feel the need to have more colors available for our customers. But, conventional dye uses chemicals that may be harmful for baby's sensitive skin. At Dordor & Gorgor, we are innovated to produce 100% organic products for your baby. Our colors are dyed with 100% natural ingredients such as comfrey, indigo and other flowers. In addition, no chemicals were used during the whole coloring process. However, colors may experience slight fade due to no chemicals were used to set the colors. 

    Why buy organic?

    Although it may cost less to produce and buy regular baby clothes made with ordinary fabrics such as rayon and conventional cotton, choosing organic cotton clothing is not only better for your baby’s skin, it is better for the land, the well-being of the farm workers, and the environment! 

    Note: Please note that some colors may appear faded or bleached-out. This is NORMAL. The colors are oxidized, or evaporated into the air. You are entitled for a Free exchange.

    How are DorDor & GorGor doing today?

    Their rashes are completely gone!