New Natural Colors

Introducing our newest colors in pink, purple and blue! And yes, they are still all natural and derived plants and other organic matters.

At our manufacture, we are constantly working together to listen to our customers needs. The most requested question is whether we have our great products in different colors? When we first started we created gender neutral colors because these colors are also the most natural colors to come from organic cotton plants: ivory, brown, and light green. We are proud to introduce our latest innovative discovery of using plants, indigowood roots and shikonin alkannin flowers, to create our the soft blues and subdued pinks.

One of our best selling products is our super soft baby pillowcases and the most requested for different colors. Wait no longer as they are now available in soft blue, pink, and purple. We hope you and your baby will be able to enjoy them as much as we loved designing them. Thank you.


June 16, 2015 by DorDor GorGor
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