Why we use organic cotton fabric

Hello! Melinda Z. here, creator of DorDor & GorGor.

I've always liked to design and sew my own clothes at home for pleasure because I find great joy when I see my babies, DorDor & GorGor, having fun in one of my creations. However, after washing their clothes one day and putting it on them, rashes started to slowly appear after they've been playing and sweating in them all day. At first I was baffled by what may have caused these rashes that were pink, bumpy, and itchy; the worse was to watch my babies suffer from these allergies. After consulting our family pediatrician, we discovered that the combination of sweat, detergent, dyes, and fabric of the baby clothes were causing irritations to them.

After a lot of research, I discovered that organic cotton fabrics could provide a solution to this "itchy" problem. There were many retailers out there that offered organic cotton baby clothes at a hefty price but there were still dyes applied to them which can make clothes lose its breath-ability. I wanted a better solution and after hours of research and overseas calls, came upon a special type of fabric that is 100% Global Organic Textile Standard (G.O.T.S.) certified, all natural, and completely dye and chemical free! At first, I created just a simple top and pants for DorDor & GorGor with this organic cotton fabric and they loved to sleep, play, and relax in them. (Happy mommy here!)

From that day forward, I sought to create an expansive line of baby clothes for babies that are suffering from the same sensitivities. Our baby and families are exposed to numerous "bad" things that may not be in our control, but we can improve the best of care we provide for our baby with a simple all-natural top.

My family and I have dedicated ourselves to providing the best natural products and hope your baby and family enjoys them as much as we do with DorDor & GorGor. Thank you!



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